Deep State Media Calls For Trump’s HEAD!

The Brennanites and the stay behind networks are fumbling with invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump. As ridiculous and impotent the idea is, the intent is there. And this intent could spiral out of control in the hands of the minions of the New World Order. Alex Jones lays it all out.

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Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore is hell-bent on blocking President Trump from nominating a Supreme Court Justice before the midterms, saying he’ll surround the Capitol building with a million people if that’s what it takes.

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The rabid globalist-led far-left is poised to launch violence and communist intimidation tactics against Trump supporters following a string of the president’s successes.

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Alex Jones delves into President Trump’s experience as a businessman translates into the Oval Office as Trump feverishly works to fix the myriad of issues facing the USA. Meanwhile, the media rips all of this progress apart. Spinning it into a demoralization of everything America has voiced at the polls.

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