Democrat / UN Plan To Trigger U.S. Civil War Discovered, Emergency Message To 45

Alex Jones breaks down how multinational corporations want to collapse the United States to usher in a world government plan that will give the companies at the top complete control of the planet.

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The Amazing Lucas joins Alex Jones live in studio to discuss the left’s current attempts to destroy America through the distortion of partisan lines, spreading lies, and the instigation of a new civil war.

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Maxine Waters is playing a dangerous game inciting violence & progressive lynch mobs against fellow members of Congress as a Republican Attorney General is assaulted at a movie theater in the latest build-up to leftist violence.

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Steven Crowder confronts a radical leftist who called for fire bombing his van on Twitter.

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Former newspaper magnate Conrad Black says that Donald Trump has launched a bloodless civil war against the establishment and that he is winning. In an interview with current affairs program The Agenda, Black remarked, “What was needed was a bloodless civil war to clean up the Washington sleaze factory.”

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Mad Maxine may the most insane, hostile politician ever to hold office in the United States… Ever.

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Owen Shroyer breaks down how the the President can defeat the Left Wing attacks using their own strategies.