DOJ Opens Criminal Investigation Of Obama Administration For Illegal Spying On Trump

Alex Jones breaks down how the FBI and mainstream media have worked together since before Trump became President to bury the truth about Obama’s illegal wire tap used against Republicans.

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President Trump announced on Sunday that he would order the Department of Justice to investigate whether the FBI “infiltrated or surveilled” his campaign under orders from the Obama administration.

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As news broke that the Obama administration had an informant working with the Trump campaign, members of the intelligence agencies and left-leaning media scrambled to redefine the definition of spying. Spinning the spy as an “investigator” sent to protect the presidential candidate from Russian influence.

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Alex Jones announces that today, May 22nd, 2018, the tide has officially turned against the deep state democratic-coup trying to impeach President Trump and destroy his MAGA agenda.

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Alex Jones presents video clips from late night comedy shows that directly contradict the new revelations taking place today, as it becomes clear that President Trump was indeed wiretapped.