Emergency: Tommy Robinson Transferred To Muslim Prison, Facing Certain Death

Alex Jones is joined by Caolan Robertson live via Skype to reveal exclusive details surrounding Tommy Robinson’s transfer to a 70% Muslim prison where he will most likely be killed by other prisoners.

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Alex Jones presents Tommy Robinson’s final video statement that was banned by the British government after he was jailed and sent to his certain death by being placed in a prison full of Muslims that hate him.

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Tommy Robinson is a real man for standing up for freedom!

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Owen Shroyer lays out the developing situation surrounding Tommy Robinson, who was placed in prison to silence his criticism of the anti-liberal tenants of Islam.

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Owen Shroyer and Alex Jones break down how Tommy Robinson’s treatment by the authorities is an act of war against the UK.


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Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer break down how the United Kingdom is the real terrorist, terrorizing their own people into submission by subverting their freedom to speak openly about their own nation.