What To Expect From Latest Western Attacks On Syria

Alex Jones breaks down howTrump went with his generals even when Mattis told him not too. Mattis is the one saying no!

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Sunday, April 15th: Trump Unleashes On Comey – President Trump hit ‘Slippery’ James Comey hard on Twitter, calling him a ‘slimeball’ and the ‘worst FBI Director in history’ ahead of his book release. Over the weekend, the US, UK, and France carried out airstrikes in Syria to the horror of Trump’s base and the delight of the left and GOP neocons. Thankfully, Russia has exercised restraint in a bid to avoid WWIII despite vowing retaliation. On today’s show, we’ll break down what’s next on the geopolitical front. We’ll also take your calls on this important transmission, so tune in!

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Alex Jones takes calls for the rest of the broadcast and breaks down what he and His listeners think is Trump’s next move in Syria and will it lead to WW3.

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Alex Jones reveals why Trump did it and how This is about putting Saudi Arabia in charge of Syria. We are allying with bad people! This is a globalist takeover allied with hollywood.

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Alex Jones asks the question, Has trump been compromised or was he changing his mind baste on new intel? He also talks about listeners not happy with the air strikes and are starting to wonder abou their president who was against such George W Bush Like a actions in the middle east.