FBI Russiagate Dragnet Just Questioned 8 People About Alex Jones

Eight Roger Stone associates were just questioned by the FBI over the phony Russiagate investigation, and they were asked about — you guessed it: Alex Jones and Infowars.

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Sunday, May 20th: Dems Back on Gun Control – Democrats are once again calling for gun control following a shooting in Texas that left 10 dead and 10 wounded, although some have admitted new legislation would have been unable to stop the killer. Questions still remain over an FBI plant working within the Trump campaign under Obama’s watch. How much did he know? In world news, China announced it’s abandoning its trade war with America. On today’s show, we’ll discuss the new revelations surrounding the phony Russia witch hunt and how Trump can avoid falling for Mueller’s trap.

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In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro labeled Attorney General Jeff Sessions as “the most dangerous man in America” at the one-year anniversary of the Mueller probe.

Pirro said the investigation has been staffed with the “singularly most-biased special counsel attorneys in American history.”

“We have witnessed events unfold which are so unbelievable and so unimaginable, you’d have to be wearing a tin foil hat or be a card-carrying member of the conspiracy party to even believe it exists,” she said.

Pirro called the reported FBI informant that was placed in the Trump campaign “a classic totalitarian Third World tactic.”

She said that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch would had to have approved the informant.
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Special Counsel Robert Mueller can see the writing on the wall. For an entire year, Mueller and company dragged the Executive branch through the mud simply to placate the left. A political witch hunt of epic proportions unseen in American history. Now Roger Stone and Alex Jones are being roped into the madness. Mueller’s desperation is fueled by an inevitable reckoning that draws nearer as his failed investigation closes.