Gavin McInnes: Comey Just Hung Himself, Left Are Cannibals

Alex Jones talks with fellow radio show host Gavin McInnes about James Comey and his self-destructive testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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James Comey is completely destroying himself before the entire world as he lies to Senate Intelligence Committee.

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It seems like every Senator has been able to get Comey to contradict his sword testimony that he was ordered by Trump to halt the investigation.

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It has now been admitted by James Comey that Loretta Lynch compromised the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

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James Comey is self destructing in front of the entire world as the web of lies surrounding the Trump/Russia investigation unravel around him.

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Former FBI director James Comey openly admitted before the Senate Intelligence committee that he leaked memos to the press.

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The ongoing Senate Intelligence Committee meeting and their interview of James Comey has already produced many incredible facts which show what a lying scumbag he really is.

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Sen Jim Risch gets Comey to admit again that he was not ordered to stop Flynn / Russia investigation

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Marco Rubio gets Comey to say he was pressured to stop investigation when earlier in testimony he said he was not pressured.

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In testimony under the Senate James Comey admits he leaked Trump memos to press.