The Globalist Takeover Of The Internet Intensifies

Alex Jones is joined by Milo Yiannopoulos and Doug Hagmann in the 4th hour of The Alex Jones Show

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Dr. Steve Pieczenik joins Alex Jones and Milo live via Skype to reveal what he believes is the best way to fight back against big media’s attempt to takeover and censor the internet.

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Milo joins Alex Jones live in studio to compare News Corp, CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media to a rabid, dying dog who’s most dangerous to be around just before death.

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Alex Jones and Milo explain why if Infowars is censored, the primary target for censorship across the internet, than the precedent will be set to remove any media from internet platforms.

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Non-left leaning voices are facing new waves of censorship.

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Alex Jones exposes how CNN has been openly calling for Infowars to be banned from Youtube for criticizing their handling of child witnesses to the Parkland, Florida shooting on live television.

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Alex Jones breaks down how CNN is openly lobbying to Congress for Youtube to completely remove Infowars from the video platform for criticizing the media’s handling of the Parkland, FL shooting.