Globalists Working To Destroy All Independent Media

Alex breaks down how the agenda of the tech giants is to demonize independent media leading to an environment where people will have to pay in order to use the internet.

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CNN is in fact the enemy of the American people. They are deeply embedded in all mainstream media networks such as Fox and MSNBC. Like a game of telephone, major newspapers continue the lies about Alex Jones.

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The architecture of total censorship is being designed in China by American companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Documents reveal the ultimate goal is total control of how people think.

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MSM is stirring up lies about Alex Jones by claiming he said no one died at Sandy Hook or that he wants race war, while the MSM promotes MAO style censorship around the world against free speech.

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Alex lays out the basic plan of the globalists to exploit wars to gain control of the U.S. and how the ultimate goal is a global communist system.

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China has declared economic warfare on America. While most of the media is obsessed with Russia and demonizing Infowars, China is actually America’s greatest enemy and threat.

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For years Alex has been exposing the government’s plan to have the ability to censor speech. With Americans spending most of their time on social media, the left is now censoring patriots by labeling conservative content as “hate speech”.

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Alex Jones breaks down how Google has moved its headquarters to communist China in order to carry out a worldwide, authoritarian censorship plan to silence dissenters from a new world order.