Google Is A Broken Search Engine

Alex Jones breaks down how Google is a broken search engine.

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The lies of the MSM are increasing toward Infowars and even hosts like Tucker Carlson of Fox news have now become the main target of anti-American propaganda.

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Alex Jones breaks down how CNN wasted millions of dollars launching Anderson Cooper’s imitation Infowars live-stream show, which failed miserably during its debut.

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Attacks on free speech are intensifying on social media. Since the globalists will not stop unless we make them, patriots must promote free thinkers like Infowars.

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Joel Gilbert breaks down the origins of the Russian collusion hoax and exposes how Mueller’s investigation was designed to clear Hillary Clinton of crimes while projecting them onto Donald Trump.

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Alex Jones reexamines the ongoing Orwellian war being waged on language by Google, Facebook, and Twitter. This attack on the First Amendment is growing to Godzillaesque proportions and must be dealt with swiftly by all three branches of the United States Government before our freedoms are altered forever.

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The establishment power structure has had it with Infowars and our influence, so they’re making their move to de-platform us as a test case to ban anybody who questions the official mainstream narrative.…