Landmark! Georgetown Files Suit To End The First Amendment

Lee Stranahan joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss the lawsuit both he and Infowars are facing due to a conversation had on air between Lee Stranahan and Lee Ann McAdoo.

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Alex Jones lays out how Georgetown University, the main school the CIA recruits members from, is suing Infowars for simply questioning the official narrative of the mainstream media.

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Alex Jones breaks down how the Georgetown University was founded and partially run to this day by the Vatican, and lays out how the lawsuit against Infowars is being pushed by Pope Francis.

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Lee Stranahan has not been served YET and other defendants were served a frivolous lawsuit filed by Georgetown “Law School” AFTER it had been given to news outlets. Lee explains the devious tactics of the left and their front organizations and why their attempts to bully & harass journalists they disagree with will fail.

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Alex Jones lays out how the lawsuit filed against he and Infowars by the Vatican founded and CIA connected Georgetown University is attempting to invert freedom of speech Supreme Court rulings.