NBC Covered Up Matt Lauer’s Abuse Of Women For 10 Years, Now Learn Why They Really Fired Him

Matt Lauer’s dismissal over sexual harassment allegations is bringing fresh attention to a 2012 clip in which Katie Couric said the NBC host’s most annoying habit was to “pinch me on the ass a lot.”

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Alex Jones presents a video clip from NBC where Matt Lauer condescendingly grills Bill O’Reilly about his sexual misconduct only a few months before his own sexscapades were made public.

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Like Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer’s predations were known for a long, long time. As Lionel points out, instantly terminating his $25M contract on a morals clause really helps the bottom line. Should we call it BLACK WEDNESDAY? And where are we headed with Sofia, the robot that has been given citizenship by Saudi Arabia?

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Alex Jones exposes how NBC’s move to fire Matt Lauer from their news program for sexual misconduct is actually a sort of purging to rid the network of personal not delivering on their Globalist agenda.