Taylor Swift Is “Aggressively White” And Needs To Be Boycotted, According To Leftist Bullies

THE bullying of Taylor Swift for the egregious crime of not publicly supporting Hillary Clinton or denouncing Donald Trump has entered its third year.

Despite unrelenting pressure, Swift refuses to become an overtly political feminist pet who obediently regurgitates Leftie talking points.

For this sin the singer-songwriter has paid a heavy price.

She has been labelled “aggressively white”, linked to neo-Nazis, and accused of being a “messenger” for a “disturbing new era”. Last week she was criticised by BuzzFeed for not taking part in the second annual Women’s March, aka the world’s longest post-election tantrum.

Another BuzzFeed hit piece blamed Swift for having “white supremacist fans” and claimed that she is “intrinsically linked to whiteness and privilege”. https://www.infowars.com/taylor-swift…