Tim Black: Conservatives And Liberals Must Unite Against Internet Censorship The Alex Jones Channel

The online censorship of anti-war conservatives and liberals shows just how insane the globalists have become.

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Alex Jones talks with Katie Hopkins about the state of Europe and how insane the leftists have become.

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Not content to let the dead rest in peace Megyn Kelly is once more using the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting to try and hold on to her rapidly ending career.

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The Democratic Party filed a suit alleging that Russia, Trump’s campaign, and WikiLeaks were part of a grand conspiracy to ” disrupt” the 2016 election! At the same time, Comey’s newly released memos are a complete dud as they prove there was no collusion or obstruction. Joining today’s show is UK journalist Katie Hopkins discussing the Islamic invasion of Western Europe. Also, activist and founder of TTL Media Tim Black explains why America’s two-party system is outdated. Start your weekend informed!