The UN And Deep State’s Slippery Slope Into World War

Eisenhower warned us. And here we are. Being lead like a lamb to slaughter by the global elite and its pawns towards WW3. Alex Jones examines UN Ambassador Nikki Haley rally of the gullible. Feeding a cursed lie in order to appease her fellow elite.

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Alex Jones explores the question of whether or not Russia will launch a cyber attack against the United States in direct response to President Trump’s multi-targeted strike on Syrian soil.

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Alex Jones breaks down how leftist liberals call for a strike on Syria in retaliation against the chemical attack against civilians, and then they chastise President Trump when he finally does the strike.

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Alex Jones breaks down how Globalist forces and leftist warmongers pushed President Trump into pulling the trigger for a strike on Syria in response to a chaotic, chemical gas attack.

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If we want to avoid world war, it’s time to rethink Russia.