UN/Globalist Now Launching World Takeover Plan Using Migrant Tsunami

Alex Jones reveals the Globalists’ plan to launch a world wide takeover of all prosperous nations by using migrant populations as the cannon fodder.

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Alex Jones delivers an emergency broadcast on the lefts’ attempt to spark a communist revolution this July 4th that would result in President Trump’s violent removal from the highest office in the land.

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Alex Jones breaks down how leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been selected as the next President of Mexico, a man who wishes to forgive drug cartels and flood the U.S. border with illegal immigrants.

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Alex Jones breaks down how the FBI were able to stop a man planning a 4th of July terror attack in Cleveland, Ohio where he sought out the children of active military members to give gifts containing explosives.

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Alex Jones makes a prediction for July 4th, 2018 on how the globalists will counter Trump’s MAGA agenda, using ANTIFA as the foot-soldiers to create their civilization of chaos.