YouTube Is Becoming Hollywood Tube

Alex Jones breaks down how YouTube is taking their control over conservative views like a script right out of Hollywood.

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Social media’s crusade against conservatives likely to have legal consequences.

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Veteran journalist Dan Rather said on Friday that President Trump’s false statements about and attacks on the media are “straight out of Orwell.”

The former longtime CBS News anchor told CNN’s Don Lemon that Trump is “authoritarian” and wants people to believe that “the one and only truth comes from him.”

“[George] Orwell, what he wrote, it’s practically a shooting script for Donald Trump,” Rather said, referencing the dystopian author. “There is a method to this, and the method is to convince people that the only truth is the truth that comes from me, the ultimate power.”

“As several people have said before me, he is not just attacking the truth, he wants to annihilate the truth,” the former anchor added.…

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Tech giants controlled by the left are now making their big move against free speech ahead of the midterms, and if President Trump doesn’t address the unconstitutional takeover, the Dems will likely win the House and initiate impeachment proceedings against him.…

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Alex Jones continues to be targeted with weaponized fake news reports even being accused of trying to poison David Hogg without any evidence of that claim.

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Although Infowars has been totally dead on with the facts, not enough Americans are awake in this time of conflict against the authoritarian censorship of the globalists.

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Greg Reese from reports how Alex Jones has become Globalist Enemy Number One.

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President Trump has now called out the shadow banning of conservatives, such as Alex Jones as possibly illegal. David Hogg misrepresents comments Alex made about water filters.

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Alex Jones breaks down how Google, Facebook, and Twitter are attempting to control language by changing definitions and giving exclusive permission to special groups to use certain words.

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The enemies of the American people are putting out talking points to smear president Trump and Alex Jones. Trump is being accused of being “Orwellian” when actually the establishment is trying to control what the public believes.