Amazon Marketing Creepy Facial Recognition Tech to Police – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Amazon Urged Not To Sell Facial Recognition Tool To Police

Sky News and AWS Bring ML Mainstream for Live Video with Royal Wedding: Who’s Who

The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon

Washington Post closes sale to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company

Amazon is launching a ‘Secret’ cloud service for the CIA

Story #2: The Toxic Legacy of Canada’s CIA Brainwashing Experiments

Group Affected By CIA Brainwashing Experiments Wants Public Apology, Compensation From Government

NWNW Flashback: Canada Pays Hush Money To Silence MKULTRA Victim’s Daughter (Nov. 2, 2017)

The Manchurian Candidate – FLNWO #31

‘The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy: An Investigation of Motive, Means, and Opportunity’ By Dan E. Moldea

Story #3: DJ/Producer Stickybuds Prepares To ‘Take A Stand’ Against “Crooked Politicians”

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