Why Is The US Air Force Collecting Russian DNA? – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Saudi Purge Brings China Card In Play In Aramco Deal http://s.nikkei.com/2ztWdo2 Saudi Prince, Seven Others Dead After Helicopter Crash http://bit.ly/2zuHWpb Crown Prince Says New Saudi Mega-City ‘NEOM’ Will Be Listed Publicly http://reut.rs/2iDy5sM Robot Granted Saudi Citizenship Has More Rights Than Saudi Women http://bit.ly/2xIEEg9 ‘Corbett Report: Extras’ On BitChute http://bit.ly/2AvGZx4 NWNW Flashback: Saudi Arabia Plans $2 Trillion Megafund For Post-Oil Era (Apr. 7, 2016) http://bit.ly/1XwyKp8 NWNW Flashback: Saudi King Names Son New Crown Prince, Upending Royal Succession Line (Jun. 22, 2107) http://bit.ly/2u15wW5 Story #2: Russian Biological Samples “Collected For Research” By US Air Force http://bit.ly/2AtnQvw Rebuilding America’s Defences http://bit.ly/KusrSx Questions For Corbett: Who Owns Your DNA? http://bit.ly/2zHDDto Story #3: ‘Paradise Papers’ Leak Shows Tax Secrets Of Super Rich http://bit.ly/2yJmvDJ Paradise Papers: Secrets of the Global Elite http://bit.ly/2yzg6uz Notice How The BBC Highlight Comedians In #ParadisePapers Rather Than The Queen http://bit.ly/2zIHsPf Michael Hutchence’s Manager Used Tax Haven To Exploit Unreleased Music http://dailym.ai/2zpmWm8 Offshore Cash Helped Fund Steve Bannon’s Attacks On Hillary Clinton http://bit.ly/2hP3hCa NWNW Flashback: Corbett Report’s 2016 Story – The Panama Papers http://bit.ly/2hWq2Em