Bloomberg Has A Death Wish

Joe Biden’s haste upon his road to nowhere is a testament to the madness of the old establishment that continues its power hungry clawing for centralized control. Before the votes were cast, Biden, knowing he wouldn’t crack third and with his tail between his legs, scurried away to South Carolina 18 days before the primary on Feb. 29th. Meanwhile, Senator Ron Johnson and Senator Chuck Grassley, chairs of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Finance committees, are actively unearthing obvious wrongdoing from the Obama administration.Including a renewed investigation into the Hunter Biden Ukraine Corruption debacle. Meanwhile, Mike Bloomberg as the mockingbirds at NBC report “Storms to the center of the 2020 Presidential Fray”. Dead Energy Bloomberg, his bizarro meme machine and all of his history of racial profiling are now adding speculation that the Former NYC Mayor is considering bringing in wicked Hillary Clinton as his running mate according to the Drudge Report. A source close to Bloomberg said that polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton duo would be a formidable force to face Trump in the 2020 race for the White House. The Daily mail reports “……Bloomberg is said to be considering even changing his official residence from New York to Colorado or Florida – where he also has homes – because the electoral college makes it difficult for US president and vice-president to reside in the same state.”

Does Mike Bloomberg have a death wish? How long could the deep state dream candidate Hillary Clinton sit in the VP Chair one step away from total power before Mike Bloomberg was added to the Clinton body count?

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The Iowa debacle all began with the traditional Des Moines Register poll being Shutdown after pollsters were accused of improper questioning. While, Las Vegas bookies put Bernie Sanders ahead as the Miami Herald reported “Three major sportsbooks – MyBookie, Bovada and BetOnline – all have Sanders established as the chalk to win the Democratic Iowa Caucus balloting.” The DNC was clearly buckling at the thought of Bernie Sanders making Joe Biden look like a clown in the oracle of Presidential elections, the Iowa Caucus.

And as CNN and Van Jones pushed the divide and conquer narrative. The votes weren’t coming in. Was it the app? Who some reported reset itself. Or as NBC reported The Iowa Democratic Party said Tuesday that its new app, meant to speed up the reporting of caucus results, suffered from a “coding issue” that instead led to a significant delay in counting and reporting results. Wolf Blitzer had to know, only adding to the fair election mockery unfolding in Iowa.

The firm named “Shadow” which was paid by both the Iowa Democratic Party and Pete Buttigieg’s campaign reportedly developed the app said to be responsible for the delayed election results in the Iowa caucus. And even though there were no results whatsoever, Pete Buttigieg, a financier of the app in question, declared himself victorious.Taking the opportunity to bask in his own delusions.

The big winner was President Trump who won a speedy victory as The New York Times reported that President Trump netted over 26,000 votes, or 96.8 per cent of all of those cast. The big question, how was the DNC capable of screwing up or worse manipulating something as simple and transparent as the Iowa Caucus? One thing is clear. The Democrats have zero respect or patience for maintaining the responsibility to honor the vote of the people. Are they even fit to carry on as a political party within the Republic?