City Democrats Put Citizens In Danger

Austin,Texas, once a thriving small town mecca of genuine Americana has become a victim of its own success. After high rent and property taxes ran all of the musicians that made Austin the live music capital of the world out of town. Austin is now preyed on by a left wing real estate millionaire who’s zoning decisions apparently still don’t merit a conflict of interest. Steve Adler’s real estate empire of $320 Million worth of properties includes a luxury condo in the ivory tower of the W Hotel directly behind Austin City Hall. Among Adler and the City Council’s waste of taxpayer dollars is an 85 thousand dollar storage room that was never used. Three solar toilets for $450,000. 6 million for a run down hotel valued at 2.6 million to house homeless people in. Roughly 370 million in taxpayer dollars for a power plant that has been abandoned. Dumping millions into a Convention Center that lost 40 Million last year alone. Ruined Austin’s credit rating and oversees 1.2 Billion in City debt.

But the real sore spot among Austin Texas residents is the increasing pandering to a growing and aggressive homeless population that is now accounting for an increase in random crime, rapes, and fatal stabbings around Austin. Putting residents on edge.

Progressive Democrats like Mayor Adler are destroying private property ownership and endangering the lives of taxpaying residents all over the United States. Austin residents can make a difference in Austin, Texas by signing the Recall Mayor Adler petition which requires 70,000 signatures and take back Austin before its too late.