Clueless Democrats Ignore Border Hell

One thing is for certain Austin Texas is a liberal city. The liberals came out in a giant blue wave, crashing on the steps of the Texas Capital to express their skewed understanding of the Trump Administration’s zero tolerance stance on our southern border.

Where is the admittance of responsibility from the countries south of our border? Apparently everything is the fault of the U.S., even the massive third world issues of another country we have very little control of.

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Time magazine reports that someone is murdered in Mexico every fifteen minutes. And that 2018 will surpass last year’s death toll of 29,168. Since 2006, the Mexican military has been waging war with the drug cartels. Meanwhile, These cartels have intensified their control of the police and local governments. So far 130 politicians have been executed, 48 of them current candidates for office.

Add to this, the looming possibility that current Mexican President Nieto’s aggressive deportation of migrants is about to be severely downsized as the conversation reports “Between 2014 and 2015, Mexican deportations of Central Americans traveling to the U.S. – primarily Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans – more than doubled, from 78,733 in 2013 to 176,726 in 2015. During the same period, U.S. border agents detained half as many Central American migrants at the border.”

Now, Leftist Presidential Front runner Manuel Lopez Obrador has declared the separation Of families at the border as inhumane. Signaling to President Trump that México isn’t another country’s piñata. Criticizing a policy primarily due to the Mexican cartels billion dollar pipeline of human trafficking. Isn’t it more inhumane to allow children to be drug mules or sex slaves?