Democrats Will Impeach Themselves

Aside from two Democrats who voted nay. House Democrats voted 232- 142 for overwhelming hypocrisy in their third attempt to take out President Trump by authorizing an Impeachment Inquiry. The only difference in the latest attempt, is that this authorization of the impeachment inquiry appears to the Democrats that they will not shoot themselves in the foot. The Democrats have no idea just how completely wrong they are again. Instead they parade around claiming to control the high ground with talk of patriotism and our founding principles. Pulling from the Democrat’s hubris smeared playbook. More bold lies in hopes that no one is paying attention. As they patronize the American people from their gilded cages of globalism.

Amazingly, in the midst of Impeachment. The Speaker of the house wouldn’t comment on the concerns of the American people. Instead Nancy Pelosi commented at length defending a member of Congress who resigned caught cutting a subordinates hair in the nude and engaging in clear ethics violations.

The Democrat’s time of riding around on their high horse of hypocrisy must come to an end or ultimately the American Republic for which it stands won’t survive.