Epstein Arrested: Crashing The Elite’s Sick Party

This report should serve as a cliff notes version of the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex trafficking with power brokers debacle. As of today, Epstein pleaded Not Guilty. His lawyer claims that he is being retried after being given a sweetheart npa deal. Also, Epstein may be in talks to reveal the names of those he partied with in exchange for a 5 year sentence rather than the maximum of 45 years and the forfeiture of his 77 million dollar mansion/townhouse in Manhattan, the largest private residence in Manhattan. And by party I mean the sexual abuse of children all over the continental U.S. and the Caribbean. Epstein will sit in a New York jail cell until next Monday at least. Meanwhile, the panic will build around former President Bill Clinton after he flew on the Lolita Express to Orgy island at least 26 times. Of course this report is just the icing on the cake. There are many rabbit holes connected to Jeffrey Epstein.