Establishment Panics But Will Maxwell Walk?

The latest covid variant aptly named Omicron which is an anagram for moronic will likely be one of many distractions from the long awaited Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Of course the Omicron variant was generated from four fully vaccinated travellers according to a Botswanna media release where the moronic variant was discovered. Furthermore, South African doctors have questioned the widespread panic related to it.

From the outset it is details similar to these that a laundry list of high profile people don’t want the locked down covid controlled masses to absorb. Adding to the secrecy, Federal Courts have long banned cameras from their courtroom.

After a plea of not guilty, and her imprisonment in a Brooklyn Federal lockup in 2020. Maxwell was charged with six counts for allegedly procuring underage girls for Jefferey Epstein to abuse from 1994 through 2004. All eyes are on Maxwell after the supposed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein who according to newly released DOJ documents showed no signs of suicide.

The six counts are merely the icing on the cake. A slew of co conspirators named and unnamed may be revealed during the trial. Possibly exposing an elite sex trafficking operation nothing less than modern day slavery that could incriminate celebrities, politicians, and a myriad of billionaires who have not been fully exposed up until this point. Epstein’s flight logs reveal visitations to Epstein’s pedophile Island by scores of celebrities some of whom have signed onto gaslighting the public for their corporate masters for the reward of petty tyranny and others that would shock most people as they appear to be swept up in Epstein’s elite realm of the lifestyles of the perverse and infamous.

But what is most likely to happen is that the entire trial will be a mysterious farce. As the Judge who has already agreed to cover up details too impure for the public has miraculously been offered a higher court position. While the Prosecution team includes the daughter of the elite’s guard dog James Comey.

Fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for waves of distractions from a mockingbird media machine that will do everything in their waning power to cover it all up.