Here is The Evidence Of Fraud Mainstream Media

The word transparency gets kicked around a lot. But there is nothing transparent about the disgraceful 2020 election process crushing the will of the American people.The video of incidents of fraud poured in on social media and there was little the Silicon Valley overlords could do to stop it. Many of these videos need to be examined for fraud. Regardless of the bag of goods the mockingbird media wants America to swallow. There are too many questions surrounding the nebulous explanation of how the historically fraudulent election process transpired.

Pennsylvania ballots only checked off for Biden and no other candidates for other offices. In Arizona. The media determined the outcome and never walked it back. Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner but was swiftly corrected. Regardless the legacy media propaganda mafia never corrected the election map.

In Michigan at least four absentee voters were older than the oldest person on record including Jason Lemoyne Daniel who was born in 1850 making him 170 years old . In Wisconsin there are 3,684,726 active registered voters. They counted 3,288,771 votes. That’s an unbelievable 89% turnout.

Not to mention that Joe Biden who averaged less than 100 people at his rallys while Trump averaged in the tens of thousands has somehow broken Obama’s voting record with 50.4%. A supposed blue wave that should have flipped the Senate and strengthened the House. But it didn’t. And we are supposed to believe that Biden Gained Over 1 Million Votes in Pennsylvania since the morning after the election. Also, that it is completely normal that thousands of Nevada votes were cast by non residents. And most of all. That America overwhelming voted for a senile, corrupt, pedophile globalist over their own future and the future of America.

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Tensions were high in DC. Where anti-BLM mural activist Bevelyn Beatty was jumped by BLM and stabbed along with proud boys leader Enrique Tarrio resulting in hospitalization due to serious wounds. Election Day had been plentiful with incidents of voter fraud. And as the votes were tallied. Biden’s states were easily called. While Trumps hung in the balance for hours. And as a victory looked obvious for Trump. Rather than count the votes, Democrat turf in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota called it a night. While Arizona vaguely flipped to Biden warranting reactions from both parties.

And the mockingbird media immediately reacted spinning webs of propaganda against Trumps legitimate concern.

And as America slept. Hundreds of thousands of Votes were dumped in Biden’s favor. In Milwaukee where the count was delayed until 3:30am, suddenly Biden had a 4.1 lead. And in Michigan, over 100,000 votes went to Biden. While zero went to any other Presidential contender including Donald Trump. Statistical impossibilities stinking of fraud.

They would have you believe that the fishing for ballots scam is business as usual. But even the closest election in modern history between JFK and Nixon in 1960 was called by 7am the next morning. And even that race was marred by fraud. But nowhere near the election of 2020.

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Plausible deniability is a term allowing high ranking officials to deny any responsibility regarding illegal activities. It was first hatched by the arrogance of Allen Dulles’ 1960s CIA. Plausible deniability surrounded the JFK Assassination and now rears its ugly head from the mouth of 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden. And like the Dulles brothers who covertly got the United States into foreign entanglements worldwide. The Biden brothers are using the very same terminology, plausible deniability to describe their untouchable sellout scheme. You may ask why would the FBI hang onto possible evidence incriminating the Bidens for over a year only to acknowledge the laptop and now a second laptop seized in February after that information was reported by independent sources? New evidence points to multi millionaire FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was an attorney with King and Spalding at the time was sitting on the other side of the negotiating table from Hunter Biden negotiating a deal for a chinese company for a stake in the multi billion dollar Russian oil Company Roseneft which was represented by Christopher Wray’s law firm.

The closer we get to Election Day. The more the stench of corruption hangs in the air.