Where Was The Left When Obama Was Doing The Same Thing?

Where were you when 90,000 illegal children under Obama were wrapped in foil and put in cages? Many of them trafficked to the border and then trafficked into the interior of the United States.

Where was your outrage about DACA when as the WASHINGTON TIMES reported “Ten people who’d been arrested on murder charges were nonetheless granted permission to remain and work in the U.S. under the Obama-era DACA amnesty.
Thirty-one “Dreamers” had rape charges on their records, nearly 500 had been accused of sex crimes, and more than 2,000 had been arrested for drunken driving — yet were approved for DACA status.”

These aren’t apples and oranges. I know where the left was. Nowhere. Because they don’t care about family values, much less American children and I seriously doubt the left even cares about migrant children. They care about the midterms. The left is a brainwashed borg of cultlike berserk collectivism hellbent by any means necessary to fundamentally change the truths that we as Americans hold self evident.

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The Democrats would like to pretend nothing like the cartel horror on the border is happening after all it is an election year.

Of course they speak very differently when it’s not an election year.

Anyway you slice it. These issues have to be dealt with. We do have border patrol and immigration laws and a massive cartel fueled billion dollar operation on our border and like water and oil the two don’t mix. The only real solution appears to be the U.S and Canada somehow eventually aiding in the monumental task of turning the tide on the third world Central and South American culture of corruption and murder. But that would really anger the globalists twisting their mustaches at the United Nations. Their replacement migration plan makes it abundantly clear that they want the United States to be a subjugated third world hellhole….. pronto.