Press TVs Spotlight US leading anti Iran campaign

Iran’s Leader says Washington has been at the forefront of hegemonic powers campaign against Tehran, with European allies standing behind it. He further said that all US presidents have been leading fight against Iran since the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979. According to the Leader, the US has relied on help from the Israeli regime and some regional regimes to accomplish the so-called goals. In this edition of Spotlight, Press TV interviews Kevin Barrett, editor at Veterans Today from Madison and Syed Mohsin Abbas journalist and political commentator from London to look at how Iran s enemies have made plans to accomplish their goals through media facilities such as satellite networks, virtual space and mercenary TV channels.
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The US Empire has dominated the world since 1945. It overthrew Iran’s government successfully in 1953, and has engineered numerous unsuccessful regime change attempts since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But now it looks like the Empire’s days are numbered.