Riots in Iran: Another CIA Coup Attempt?

Kevin Barrett – When the CIA overthrew the democratically-elected Mossadegh government in 1953, it brought rent-a-mobs into the streets of Tehran to provide cover for the coup. Were the riots that broke out in Iran last week the latest iteration of the CIA’s rent-a-mob coup strategy?
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Press TV panelists Mick Napier with Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign from Edinburgh and Kevin Barrett author and Middle East expert from Madison in this edition of Spotlight look at whether the NGOs are right in their accusations against Israel or Israel’s claims in closing these NGOs are justified.

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Palestinian authority chief has lashed out at Israel for closing seven NGOs in occupied West Bank. European states expressed deep concern over Israeli regime’s attack on Palestinian NGOs. Israeli troops ransacked offices of Palestinian NGOs in occupied West Bank and confiscated their equipment. Israeli regime designated Palestinian rights bodies as “terrorist” groups last October, while the EU dismissed Israeli allegations against Palestinian NGOs as ‘unsubstantiated’.

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Larry Silverstein, who bought the World Trade Center on an allegedly rigged bid two months before 9/11 and doubled the terror insurance, then confessed on national television to “pulling” WTC-7, apparently did the same thing to the Georgia Guidestones. (satire/parody)