US, Israel waging biological warfare on massive scale

The Israel-supported group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is pressuring the big pharmaceutical companies to end their Iran business at the exact moment that Iran is the second hardest-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic after China. The group United Against Nuclear Iran has paid John Bolton a quarter of a million dollars, which (money) is coming from Israel, which of course gets that money by raiding the United States Treasury to the tune of well, one estimate published in Christian Science Monitor two decades ago was that Israel had already stolen trillions, literally trillions of dollars. That’s what it cost the United States. So Americans have allowed Israel to colonize them and raid them and rape and pillage them.

And this UANI group is just one of the many Israel pressure groups running United States foreign policy. It’s just an outrage. And now they’re trying to amplify the plague of coronavirus in Iran, which one suspects that they themselves may have actually engineered, because otherwise how could an Israeli company claim that they’ll have a vaccine against coronavirus in less than two weeks when all scientists say that if there’s a novel outbreak like this, it would take at least a year to have a vaccine.

A recent article by former CIA officer Philip Giraldi suggests that probably the US and Israel are working together. They’re the same people who used Stuxnet against Iran, endangering the nuclear facilities not only in Iran, but all over the world because it got loose and nearly created horrible nuclear accidents all over the world. And apparently now they’ve done the same thing with this coronavirus.

Philip Giraldi’s article is called, Who Made Coronavirus? Was It the U.S., Israel or China Itself?, and he strongly suspects the US and Israel, with China being America’s biggest geostrategic antagonist and Iran being Israel’s biggest problem.