US Postal Service Discrimination Based on Political Views – Derek Gooden

Derek Gooden is battling a discrimination lawsuit against the United States Postal Service who is allowing a hostile work environment against him because of his political views. He never mentioned politics at work. Derek tells the full story.

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In this episode Juha cover the psychological and cultural factors that have enabled Finland to enter this current identitarian crisis. In order to fight back and challenge the current state of being and living, and what is going on here, we have to understand how we think and act as Finns and recognize those positive and negative features in our culture and psyche.

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Jason Köhne began advocating for what he calls “white well-being” when he was eleven years old. Professionally, his most relevant work history was his tenure in the nerve center for the conservative movement in Washington DC. In 2017, he launched his social media presence as No White Guilt, and he is the author of two books: Go Free: A Guild to Aligning with the Archetype of Westernkind, and Born Guilty: Liable for Compensation Subject to Retaliation.

Jason will discuss ways in which anti-Whiteness is pushed on White children and the long term psychological and emotional effects of it.