CC Podcast #97: Bernie Surges, Harvey Convicted, ICE Gargles Balls

This week: The 2020 election madness continues – with Russiagate resurrection and corporate media shit-slinging that compares Bernie Sanders (the only Jewish candidate) to Nazis. No really, I’m serious. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on third-degree rape and criminal sexual acts. I know what you’re thinking: what the fuck is a third-degree rape? A look into our twisted “justice” system and the overarching importance of this case. PLUS GOOD NEWS! A big win from Alberta and a bad ass bus driver takes on ICE.
See Also: (Lee Camp) – Boy Scouts Organization Shouldn’t Exist – Here’s Why

The Boy Scouts of America recently declared bankruptcy while in the middle of a high-profile child abuse case with thousands of victims. Why does this organization still exist? Also: (Lee Camp) – CNN Hilariously Shills For Billionaire Bloomberg!

CNN cannot hide their biases. They are a voice for the mega-wealthy. So it’s no surprise that they’re boosting the candidacy of the billionaire Michael Bloomberg. They brought on a veteran journalist after he decided to endorse the racist, misogynistic former-mayor of NYC. Also: (Lee Camp) – Health Care Debate Destroyed, Voter Purge Revealed, Boy Scouts Abuse Comes Out

A new Yale study says what we already knew about universal healthcare. It’s a lot cheaper than the US’s for-profit healthcare system and it saves significant numbers of lives. Lee looks at what forces are keeping the horrific system that we live under alive. In “Taking The News From Behind” Lee covers how the State of Georgia is in two legal binds with two friends of the show, the Boy Scouts of America went into bankruptcy while being sued for their child sex abuse scandal, the New York Times declared the “end of Australia as we know it” because of the climate crisis, and more. Natalie McGill takes a look at the unequal distribution of the subsidies that the Trump administration released to struggling farmers in the wake of his losing trade war with China. Like everything in the US, the powerful took advantage of the weak. The largest most successful farms took all of the assistance leaving smaller farms in the dirt. Anders Lee reports on how the field of economics consistently fails to address the structural cause of the problems that it analyzes. Economists are able to study inequality, physical illness, and mental health issues but they consistently ignore how the capitalist system is at the root of these problems. Also: (Lee Camp) – LEAKED AUDIO: Bloomberg Says Only Minorities Commit Crimes

Michael Bloomberg audio has been unearthed by the journalist Benjamin Dixon showing him explaining how he believes that all crime comes from poor neighborhoods. Lee reminds him that most crime is white collar crime.