The Assassination of JFK & Mary Meyer: REVEALED!

Redacted Tonight – November 28th, 2019
See Also: (Lee Camp) – NYPD Illegally Collecting Kids’ Fingerprints

Natalie McGill reports on a database where the NYPD illegally kept hundreds of people’s fingerprints. Also: (Lee Camp) – Coup Plotters Trained at U.S. School

Naomi Karavani looks back at the role the School of the Americas has played in overthrowing democratic regimes in Latin America. Graduates of the school were central to the recent Bolivian coup but their history is long and dark. Also: (Lee Camp) – CC Podcast 84: Buying The Election, Assange Investigation Dropped, Domestic Workers Win

Also: (Lee Camp) – Chick-Fil-A Scandal, NY Times Propaganda, & more