The Truth About The Hong Kong Protests, & Hurricane Money

Redacted Tonight – Published September 5th, 2019
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As Hurricane Dorian makes landfall, we talk solidarity not charity, disaster preparedness and why capitalism is so ill-equipped to deal with disaster. As Brexit looms, UK police are using new surveillance techniques to track hate speech…but where is that line drawn?

Fake meat is a huge industry – and for good reason. The so-called western world needs to cut meat consumption by some 90%. Still, we need to have a nuanced discussion about processed foods and how to make ditching meat healthier for people and planet.

Student loans aren’t fair…unless you worked 2 jobs to pay them. Or so says this guy… See Also: (Lee Camps) – Web Exclusive: The Most Censored Movie

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Ding dong the witch is dead! We speak ill of the dead and celebrate the death of David Koch. Biden has dropped significantly in polls – now Warren and Sanders are tied. And here’s what this has to do with the NY Mets.

The Amazon is burning. That’s hardly news. But here’s some important backstory and a vital lens through which to see the destruction and potential preservation of the world’s lungs.

PLUS Sanders’ response to DNC’s climate change brush off, a dangerous antifa narrative and temp jobs from hell. Also: (Lee Camps) – Brink of Nuclear War & Where Are The Peace Activists?!

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