These Could Be The Next U.S. Political Prisoners

February 6th, 2020 – Redacted Tonight
See Also: (Lee Camp) – Trump Just Screwed Palestinians Even More

The ostensible peace deal for Israel-Palestine announced by the Trump administration this week is a complete joke and Lee is here to tell you why. It stands no chance of being accepted and if it were enacted it would completely undermine any concept of a ‘Two-State Solution’ to the longstanding Middle Eastern diplomatic crisis. Also: (Lee Camp) – CC Podcast #94: DNC Fixes Iowa Against Bernie, Brexit Begins, France On Fire

This week:

In this caucus special episode, we do a rundown of last night’s Iowa Caucus and wow, it’s a doozie. From the Guaido of Iowa to a DNC app literally called Shadow, strap in for this bizarre ride. Meanwhile in the UK, Brexit is official and what that means for both the progressive left and the corporate tools licking their chops. France wins best headline of the year as protests rage on. Let’s all be like France.

Also: (Lee Camp) – BREAKING: Iowa Fix Is In – Proof of Manufactured Chaos

There is new evidence the Iowa Caucuses were intentionally turned into chaos in order to slow the tide of the Bernie Sanders victory. Please share this if you think it’s important. Also: (Lee Camp) – Big Banks Admit True Fear Is Socialism

Jamie Dimon is the CEO of JPMorgan. You might recognize their name from their role in the 2008 economic collapse. He has decided to tell everyone that socialism makes societies crumble. There’s a lot more real world evidence that the financial industry destroys societies.