And to Think They Call It the Supreme Court

How can this be happening? You’re not going to like the answer.

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Feinstein will be heralded as the architect of this horror. She did it. That’ll be her legacy. Time to play dirty.

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Enough with the scaredy cat take on Rosenstein. He sits at POTUS’ pleasure, so fire him anon. And as far as Sessions goes, what does this man even do? Can someone even remotely explain how these two roadblocks and impediments are even still in their position(s)? Kavanaugh is being positioned by a corrupt left media cadre and this nonsense has to be addressed instanter. Or else the entire republic loses.

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What happened to their case(s)?

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The Trump administration is considering a draft executive order that would call for an anti-trust investigation into Google and social media companies like Facebook. The draft order would call on federal antitrust and law enforcement agencies to “thoroughly investigate whether any online platform has acted in violation of the antitrust laws” to “protect competition among online platforms and address online platform bias.” Legal and media analyst Lionel joins Scottie Nell Hughes for analysis.

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Go ahead. I’ll wait.