Delving Into The Depths Of Depravity

Lionel asks “Why am I shadow banned?” as conservatives appear to be singled out for exposing pedophile behavior.

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Published on Jul 23, 2018

As Jack Reacher spake, “Remember, you wanted this.”…

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What POTUS must enact is Operation Wrath of Trump. A full-blown front-end attack that would inspire the professional left to froth and wax frenetic. I’m tired of watching and learning the latest from Fox and Alex et al. and finding that nothing’s being done.

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Look, even Fox News can’t go into the dregs and bowels of Hollyweird what with the Disney deal on the table. The usual suspects aren’t going to touch it. And what DJT must explain is that everything that’s wrong with the FBI and DOJ and FISA was all inspired by HRC trying to explain how she lost a rigged election. That simple.

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I never thought it would be this loud.