Even the Alt-Left “Experts” Are Hedging Their Bets

“Trump is one of the most astonishing stories in American political history,” spake Nate Silver in 2016 after he got it all wrong. Will history repeat itself? You better believe it.

Tuesday, America speaks. And the world asks specifically, which party will take the House majority? And tell the world why and how you know. What data and facts in your possession warrant this opinion? The world is watching and listening.

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It’s that serious. That real. And now. Vote. Vote correctly.

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In no small part due to the symbiosis of Donald Trump with cable news, the 2018 midterm elections are notably heavy on emotion and even hatred. Lionel of Lionel Media joins Rick Sanchez to discuss, taking a psychoanalytical read of US civics and proclaiming that we as a country have “lost our mind.”

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Vote. Vote. Vote. That simple. And you know whom to vote for. If it’s Red, it gets voted for.

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“Liberty — liberty within the law — and civilization are inseparable, and though both were threatened we find them now secure; and there comes to Americans the profound assurance that our representative government is the highest expression and surest guaranty of both.” — Warren G. Harding

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It all starts at 8 PM ET! Be there and join us as deputized Conspiratorium correspondent. This is history, friends. Now.