Keep the #QAnon Faith: #Mueller’s Been Targeted by Federal Judges As Promoting a Bogus Witch Hunt

A most angry and pointed federal judge severely criticized special counsel Robert Mueller and the scope of his team’s probe Friday morning during a hearing related to fraud charges brought against former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort, the Federalist reports.

U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III grilled the special counsel’s team for nearly an hour, questioning their “unfettered power” to prosecute and their desire to “tighten the screws” on Manafort, according to NBC’s Ken Dilanian. Ellis said he doesn’t see how Manafort’s indictment is related to what Mueller’s team is authorized to investigate.

The end is nigh!

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I exaggerate not.

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“The Rachel Divide,” Laura Brownson’s new documentary following the incomprehensibly strange life of the incomprehensibly strange Rachel Dolezal aka Nkechi Amare Diallo, debuted on Netflix April 27 and was featured at the Montclair Film Festival. It deals with the fascinating question of whether race can be a state of mind or heart like gender and sexual identity are (at least by today’s standards). In this video I explore these questions and come up with and identify the gravamen of the complaint, viz. RD can’t possibly feel or know the pain that “authentic” African-American women in articular have felt. It also deals with social media narcissism and the LOOK AT ME! phenomenon.