MSM: No Longer Mainstream and Gone Are the Days of the Propaganda Division of the Deep State Cabal

Be not mistaken with the end of Les Moonves at CBS. No, this is the signaling of the newest installment of cataclysmic deterioration indicia of the fetid media system that was such. Hallelujah!

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Well, MSM, what are you going to say now?

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Look at how the #Cabal is chasing its tail.

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#QAnon acolytes believe earnestly that series of sometimes cryptic clues and breadcrumbs posted on #8Chan emanate from a high-level top Trump administration insider with unique knowledge. It describes and chronicles how #POTUS has collaborated and teamed up with the upper echelons of military intel to take on and out a global cabal of powerful and mega-evil globalists, elites, fallen celebrities, and pedophiles. You got a problem with that?