Never Underestimate A Toothy, Clueless, Goofy, Daffy, Inexperienced Democratic POTUS Candidate

Published on Dec 12th, 2018 – “Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.” — Plato

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A federal judge in California has ordered film hooker, porn star and pole strumpet Stormy Daniels to pay Donald Trump nearly $300,000 for filing a defamation suit against the president that was dismissed. Ha! Thanks, Avenatti. US District Judge S. James Otero said Daniels, (Stephanie Clifford) must pay Trump $293,000 to cover the president’s attorney fees and costs plus $1,000 in sanctions for filing the lawsuit. Is this a great country or what?

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“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” — Albert Einstein

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イタチの最後っ屁 (いたちの さいごっぺ) – A mink’s/weasel’s last fart (proverb)

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Google is back in the headlines after its CEO Sundar Pichai testified about political bias and data collection before a Congressional committee. Legal and media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media joins News.Hughes.Hughes to share his insights.

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“You cannot really shame a man who sincerely does not care what others think of him.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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Remember: Power doesn’t corrupt people, people corrupt power, thus William Gaddis. Sin versus crime. With the release of Lurch’s memo, it appears that Bobby Mueller is going for the Hail Mary and letting it all hang out so as to provide a blue print and schematic for impeachment in Da House. Gone is the historic reality of a Grand Jury voting up and down for a true bill — to indict or not. No, that was then. Today we have series of exhaustive reports of prolix and palaver issued after non-indictements. Remember what this means, a report on why there was no indictment. Imagine a medical examiner reporting on why someone is not dead. Let’s harken back to Lurch II Comey in his pathetic recitation of why the Oven Mitt Fashionista HRC (see #OvenMitt4Git) failed to accommodate any and all rules and statutes as to servers but still wasn’t indicted. These reports are political, one-sided laundry lists of horrors that the electorate may act upon. It’s horrific and vile and most Americans couldn’t care less. Which I believe might and should be our next national motto/slogan. America: We couldn’t care less.

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Gutless coward Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry said he was “joking” when he questioned whether astronauts ever landed on the moon, and he will take up NASA’s invitation to tour the lunar lab at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. He has no guts, balls, backbone, spine and is the posterchild for impuissance. He was scared, plain and simple.

Did Neil Armstrong and Americans land on the Moon in 1969 just in time to realize JFK’s pledge or was it a beautifully produced hoax as #Mooners claim? Was it Kubrick’s finest moment? I’m no expert either way, though the impeccable timing of it was one for the ages. But why is this critical? I’ll tell you; because it was in the news this week thanks to our friends the Russians.

It was reported that all such questions as to the actuality of the event will be answered when Russian cosmonauts visit the Earth’s satellite, Russia’s space boss, promised. “We’ve set such a task – to go there and check if they were there or not,” Dmitry Rogozin, er, “joked” in response to the popular question about the moon exploration. “The Americans say – they’ve been there. We’ll verify that.” This, as you can imagine, recurdles one of my favorite subjects. Not because of its verity but because how it drives folks crackers.

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“If my Valentine you won’t be,
I’ll hang myself on your Christmas tree.”
― Ernest Hemingway, 88 Poems

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“Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts, perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” — John Steinbeck