The Rudiments Of Political Reality

Lionel joins Alex Jones live via Skype to lay out the rudiments of political reality.

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Lionel takes the issues apart, piece by piece and destroys the appearance of coherence in this masterful dissection. Or something.

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Fake news! The Russian journalist who helped stage his own murder as part of an elaborate plot to catch an alleged assassin has told of how he watched reports of his death from a Ukrainian morgue. Arkady Babchenko said his death was faked with the help of a makeup artist and pigs’ blood, in a ploy that Ukrainian security services say was necessary to protect his life.

Also: (Lionel) – DNC Endangers Principles of Press Freedom by Suing WikiLeaks

In April, the Democratic National Committee, the governing body of the Democratic Party, announced that it was suing WikiLeaks and Julian Assange–along with a number of other defendants, including the Trump campaign and Russian operatives–for their alleged involvement in the theft and dissemination of DNC computer files during the 2016 election. On its surface, the DNC’s argument seems to fly in the face of the Supreme Court’s precedent in Bartnicki v. Vopper that publishers are not responsible for the illegal acts of their sources. It also goes against press freedom precedents going back to the Pentagon Papers and contains arguments that could make it more difficult for reporters to do their jobs or that foreign governments could use against U.S. journalists working abroad, First Amendment experts told CPJ.…

Also: (Lionel) – MSDNC’s Resident Albatross Joyless Reid Under Fire Again As They Try to Craft a Way to Jettison Her

At issue still are comments Joyless Reid apparently made on a personal blog she used to run. The comments resurfaced last week and were noted on Twitter by the user Jamie Maz. They included a remark about former Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers having “lesbian hair” and Reid saying she didn’t like to see two men kissing.

Reid denied that the comments were hers, despite apparently showing up on her website via images available on the Internet Archive.

“I began working with a cybersecurity expert who first identified the unauthorized activity, and we notified federal law enforcement officials of the breach,” she told the website on Monday. “The manipulated material seems to be part of an effort to taint my character with false information by distorting a blog that ended a decade ago.”

Then they called the FBI.…

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Lionel joins Alex Jones to peel the layers from this collective issue onion. And skillfully, I must add.