Six Events That Will Crush, Destroy, Obliterate and Implode Deep State, Faux Left, Anti-Trumpers

Please let me share with you six (6) thought experiments that keep me up, going and beyond excited.

1. Melania Trump skyrockets to the status as the most popular FLOTUS in the republic’s history.
2. Kanye West and a coterie of hip hop and African-American heavyweights join with POTUS and reengage Trump with a constituency abandoned by the DNC.
3. The arrest, indictment, conviction and imprisonment of Hillary Clinton for and on anything.
4. Obama’s actual natural origin proved as non-American.
5. The official 9/11 narrative is universally discarded.
6. Unanimous proof and belief in EBEs, ETs and alien visitation and contact.

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It’s his only chance.