SJW Alt-Left Groupspeak Minions and Acolytes Squeal, Howl, Rail, Flail and Rant In Scripted Rage

The new NPC meme mocks leftists by depicting them as unthinking and reflexive automatons, Breitbart reports. The popular NPC meme trend frames its targets as non-player characters (NPCs) who reflexively spout neo-Marxist axioms in response to real-world events. Actual NPCs are computer-controlled characters in video games with limited scripted responses given the parameters of the games in which they appear. For example, NPCs may assign quests to the player in games like Skyrim, or join the player as a companion in Fallout.

Built on the long-running Wojak meme, the NPC meme mocks leftists as expressionless in appearance and bot-like in behavior. The universal standard appearance illustrates the left’s political homogeneity.…

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You can’t write this stuff.

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Everything has changed markedly. And drastically.