Subscribers Threaten to Boycott Netflix After Obamas Get Development Deal to Spew Deep State Drivel

Hussein and Michelle have signed a development deal with Netflix to produce original TV shows and movies, and the conservative backlash against the streaming service has already started. And it’s going to get full-throttled.

Though Obama associates have said it’s unlikely for the Netflix programs to be overtly partisan, there are still plenty of people who have taken to social media to voice their displeasure with the news — even threaten to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. Did you hear that, #QAnon? They’re staying in focus. As are we.

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It’s a move that the MSM will not acknowledge. They’re focused on perpetuating perceptions of Trump’s demise. But it’s critical that you take note, join forces and acknowledge the monumental contributions of #QAnon#anons, decoders and the like. We need coalescence. Not division.

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