This Is What Happens When Libertists Unite En Masse

It’s going to be fine. Trust me and us.

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It’s going to be fine. Trust me and us.

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I can’t say this enough.

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This I know.

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These simple yet deadly strategies must be implemented anon to secure Midterm2018 victories and cement MAGA2018 and KAG 2020.
1. TrumpTV
2. Fire [RR] immediately and eviscerate DOJ and FBI quislings
3. Follow up with Kanye and Jim Brown for an African-American Bilderberg of sorts, the monumental Summit of Summits
4. Split screen thematics: Morning in America (à la Reagan superimposed with the horrors of DS treachery)

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An artificial intelligence and cybersecurity researcher says we may be closer to AI being considered a person under the law. Some legal scholars say that we are just a few court rulings away from AI being able to own property, sue lawyers and enjoy the protections of freedom of speech. For analysis, RT America’s Scottie Nell Hughes is joined by legal and media analyst, Lionel.