Alan Watt – The Babylon System Runs by Chaos and Confusion

Wealth and Power – Rockefellers, Bad Publicity and Philanthropy – Psychopaths – System We’re in was Planned Long Ago – H.G. Wells Talked About the World Brain – Enterprise – The Reality of Internet and Phone Service in Rural Ontario, Canada – Third World, Class-Ridden Societies – True Meaning of Fascism – Your Tax Dollars Funding Corporations – Hypnotized by a Fake Reality – J. Attali Wrote that Winners in this System Would be Those with Access to the Best Technology, Fastest Internet – Agenda 21 – Another Tesla Catches Fire – Man Died when Cell Phone Exploded – Drive to Rid Schools of ‘Dead White Men’ like Shakespeare – Japan Suspends Sale of Canadian Wheat over Discovery of Monsanto-made GMO – Bayer to Ditch Monsanto Name after Mega-Merger – Conspiracies – New Book says Israel Planned to Shoot Down Passenger Jet in Arafat Assassination Plot – Ramping up Russia Threat – Manna from Heaven for UK Arms Industry – Facebook Ad Feature Predicts User’s Future Behaviour – Washington, D.C., the Psychopath Capital of America – The Bottom of the Pyramid Represents the Peasantry.