The Fascinating Untold Story of Why Marijuana is Illegal

In a clip from an earlier live stream, Luke and Tim dive into the history of America’s war on drugs, starting with cannabis So what’s the real reason for marijuana’s prohibition? Who profited most and who is profiting now?
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Luke and Tim dive into the INSANE news that the price of oil has plummeted, but what does that mean for the broader economy? And how will it impact you? Stick around while the guys discuss all this and more of the latest economic developments.

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Will the people rise against oppression? Or are the temporary measures to restrict rights in place to protect them? Tim, John Sneisen, and Chris Karabats go live to talk about the day’s social, political, and economic happenings and how they might affect your daily life.

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Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib proposes $2k/ month universal basic income in the form of a digital dollar.
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From their live stream earlier today, Tim and guests John Sneisen (The Economic Truth), Chris Karabats, and Dan Dicks delve into the latest saga in developing American history. To protest or not to protest?

Should Americans’ constitutional right to

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In this segment from the live stream earlier today, Luke and Tim into crazy economic news. Following the social and political, which indicate that some states will re-open their in under two weeks, but what longer-term damage has been done to the markets and to your freedoms? The guys can only theorize based on their individual levels of research and expertise. We encourage everyone to always Do Your Own Research. And love each other!!!!
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In this clip from our live video earlier, Luke and Tim answer live questions from the YouTube audience. These include: * questions about the price of gold and silver

* questions about the value in the price of alternative currencies & commodities

*accusations from World Alt Media that range from personal to professional but are all in good fun.

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In a segment from the earlier We Are Change livestream, Luke and Tim dive into one of our time’s most pressing but least understood areas: the ultra-elite, with the world’s richest man at the helm. So what lies in the technocrat’s history that could impact our present and his vision for humanity’s future?

Find out, right now.

Also: (WAC) – 22 Million Americans Unemployed. Will US Bailout Humans Now? Nah!

From an earlier livestream on We Are Change, in this segment, Luke and Tim address the day’s economic developments. Another 5.2 million Americans have filed for unemployment, bringing the total jobless to over 22 million, and that doesn’t even account for those who work in the gig economy.

How do they calculate these numbers anyway?

Also: (WAC) – WHO Lost the Power?

Luke and Tim get into more crazy news for the day, focusing on the debate about the president cutting funding from the WHO. * Blaming the WHO

* CDC Director vs President

* Cutting funding for the WHO

* China delayed responses 6 days

* Did China’s leader intentionally sicken the world?

* WHO Demands lockdowns in Sweden

* $500 fines for church

* and so much more!

Also: (WAC) – Stimulus Checks: Fact vs Fiction

Luke and Tim dive into the day’s economic developments. * Stimulus checks start being deposited today.

* Is the app to track the stimulus as troublesome as the funds themselves?

* US Industrial production crash

* Debunking Myths about Stimulus

* Goldman anticipates economic downturn 4x worse than housing crisis

* Homebuilder confidence dives

* Bank of America Profits Plunge 45%

* 25% Michigan’s workforce files for unemployment

* China testing Digital Yuan in. 4 Cities

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Luke and Tim get into the debate between federal government and states’ rights, all the way down to the individual level. It’s a fascinating debate. Who has the power?
Also: (WAC) – Let’s Not Forget: Cui Bono. Who Benefits? Follow the Money

Luke and Tim dive into the economics news for the last couple of days. Discrepancies between finance authorities abound, but are we headed for the next great depression? Or will this be just a blip on the radar?
Also: (WAC) – A War of Words: World Leaders Face Off on Twitter???

Watch Luke and Tim discuss the ongoing war of the words between world leaders. Is Twitter really an indicator of whether a government official is getting fired?

So whose side of this debate are you on?

Love and take care of yourselves and each other.

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Luke and Tim dive into the latest news about worldwide police efforts to curve the spread of the sickness.
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On this special Easter Show, Tim Picciott and John Sneisen are covering for Luke and are joined by Kirk Chisholm. Kirk is one of the most influential advisors in the country, and today, he brings his expertise and wisdom of the markets to the show

Topics they cover: Is this a new bull market? What Kirk thinks about Modern Portfolio Theory

The guys then did a live show with Kirk on Tim’s channel that went much deeper into the Federal Reserve’s new lending facilities as well as an in depth discussion on the Care’s act.

Also: (WAC) – When Will I Get My STIMULUS CHECK??? You Probably Won’t!

Today, Luke and returning guest John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) address one of American’s most prevalent concerns: When they’ll get their stimulus check. Watch as the guys break down why millions of Americans are unlikely to receive their checks anytime soon, and what that $1.2k/American means for the economy at large.

Thanks for watching Change The News & don’t miss Luke and John talking about the military’s response to the crisis over on We Are Change right after this!

Also: (WAC) – Why the HECK is the Stock Market RISING Right Now?

Today, Luke and recurring guest John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) dive into why the stock market is rising despite other economic factors all doing worse.
Also: (WAC) – How Bad is it REALLY? Underplayed or OVERHYPED?

Welcome beautiful and amazing humans, today, Luke and Tim get into some of the contradictory and misinformation circulating about the sickness. Although reports are saying that C word is currently the leading cause of death in US, contradictory reports challenge how those numbers are reported.

Further, the guys question whether this illness is as deadly as the economic effects will be in terms of the economy, high stress, illness, unemployment, food shortages, and depression.

Regardless, we caution people to be courteous of those around them, and remind you to always take care of yourselves and love each other.

Also: (WAC) – Hedge Fund Billionaire PLEADS: STOP Bailing Out Billionaires!

Luke and Tim remind us that unstable economic times also mean unstable social and political times. So why are we bailing out hedge fund billionaires and airlines? Although MSM television hosts don’t agree, hedge fund manager Chamath Palihapitiya suggests that the US stops bailing out billionaires and airlines, and start focusing on their people. What a novel idea.

In further economic news, Walmart and Starbucks have announced plans to increase their presence in China.

Please be sure to practice radical self-reliance, and always take care of yourselves and each other.

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Sometimes the information is so upsetting that words are not enough. So watch and listen as Luke and Tim get into what global citizens can expect in the coming months.
Also: (WAC) – The Fed Will Start Buying Junk Bonds as Unemployment SOARS!!!

n today’s unprecedented economic news, Luke and Tim explain why the stock market is not the economy. There are other factors that include:


*The Federal Reserve’s actions

*The Bond Market


*And more

Also: (WAC) – House Democrats Block Plan to Print Another $2 Trillion

In today’s economic news, POTUS proposed ANOTHER $2 trillion bill to bring jobs and stimulate the economy. Yet many democrats oppose the bill. As we’ve been saying for months, the government overreach and economic effects of locking down the world economy are potentially far worse than the effects of the sickness itself.

In the end, the guys suggest that it may be time to start using an alternate currency, one not issued by the government or central banks. But what could that be?

Also: (WAC) – POTUS Wants YOU to Vote Republican in November. Will You?

Today Luke and Tim jump into the breaking news that one democratic candidate has suspended his bid for the 2020 presidential election. In light of the news, the US President is enticing those who planned to vote for his rival to join the Republican party and vote for him instead , but will it work? Has the incumbent sealed the 2020 election? Not yet!

Also: (WAC) – Welcome to Dystopia. A $1000 Fine for Walking on the Beach?!

Life is a Beach. Wait, no, it’s not, because now you aren’t even allowed to walk on the beach without getting fined up to $1000. In this video, Luke and Tim go over the growing police state both publicly and privately.

From the private aspect, the guys cover Amazon’s latest initiative where they will fire you after 1 warning for not properly social distancing… whilst at work.

Also: (WAC) – Is The Universal Basic Income Unavoidable At This Point?

In this video, Luke and Tim go over the global push towards UBI or universal basic income.
Also: (WAC) – Stock Market Recovery Or Just A Dead Cat Bounce?

In our second recording today, Luke and Tim pick up right where they left off in the previous video: with the stock market’s soaring recovery… or is it? As stock prices reach near season highs, the dow soars, and the sickness seems to slow, will the economy rebound bigger and better than ever as some predict? Or is this recovery merely a dead cat bounce?

It’s too soon to know with any certainty, but after analyzing the news, Luke and Tim think this is just a dead cat bounce. Here’s why:

* Fed Chair Jerome Powell says there will be universal testing for the virus.

* Officials suggest that Americans will wear badges with their test status.

* Ongoing uncertainty

* Former Fed Chair says this will be catastrophic.

* Schilling says the stock market is far from the bottom.

* And so much more

So are we in a new bull market? Only time will tell for sure, but we don’t think so.

Also: (WAC) – The IMF Eyes World Domination as US Heads into Great Depression

Today, Luke and Tim dive straight in to the financial news that will likely impact the global economy for years to come. Those topics include:

* Steven Moore’s warning that the US is heading into a depression

* The federal reserve paints themselves as the unsung hero of the crisis.

* Unemployment

* Janet Yellen’s warnings

* The IMF’s moves toward global hegemony

* and so much more

Also: (WAC) – The Domino Affect: Oil & The Stock Market Are Going DOWN!!!

n our second video of the day, Tim Picciott and guest Chris Karabats get into the nitty gritty of the day’s financial news with the hopes of providing clarity about what’s going to happen in the market tomorrow. Topics include:

* The Saudi-Russia Deal

* Oil face collapse

* Monday OPEC meeting

* Bailouts

* Ford & Cash for Clunkers

* Lockdown

* Worldwide government overreach

* Sweden

* Projected 32% unemployment

* Joe Rogan

* and so much more!

Also: (WAC) – This is a Dystopian Nightmare. What Happened to The Fed?

Is POTUS the new Fed chair? Today, Tim Picciott and guest Chris Karabats discuss the news that many are heralding as the end of the federal reserve as we know it. But should we be celebrating? Tim and Chris don’t think so, and here’s why:

* Estimates for the fed’s balance sheet by the end of April range from $7-$10 Trillion.

* All of the same people are still in charge.

* Q, Quanon’s predictions aren’t correct.

* As Tim says, “You live and die by the sword, and the sword is the economy.”

* Will POTUS be re-elected?

* All this and more.

Also: (WAC) – Former Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke Set to Benefit Greatly from Crisis

Luke and John Sneisen dive straight into the day’s economic news, and today the biggest story is about former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke. As the government and the federal reserve race to bailout the richest Americans, the poorest are already forming lines for bread, but are we heading for a depression?

Additional topics the guys touch on in this video include:

* QE (Quantitative Easing)

* Small business Loans

* Proposed 50% tax on firearms and ammunition

* Europe’s virus bond program

* Corporate Debt

* Global government overreach

* And so much more

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Also: (WAC) – The US is Sliding Into a DEPRESSION. Here’s Why.