Central Banking Monetary Policy Will Be Like Pushing on a String

In today’s report, I look into how monetary policy will most probably be ineffective against the potentially huge global supply chain shocks as a result of the current crisis that emanated from China. I will also cover the early market action from London as usual and talk about why I think volatility will continue and why precious metals like gold and silver are the best safe havens out there in the financial world.
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Today I look at how the Plunge Protection Team or the President’s Working Group on Financial markets failed to stop the selling in the stock market on Monday, February 24th, 2020 as the Dow dropped 1031 points. What they have achieved in the futures market in the after-hours is not too impressive as the markets have not managed even to regain one-third of their losses.

I will also talk about the fact that we do not have free markets anywhere in the world right now and not even in the U.S. and that what we have is Socialism or Collectivism for the 1%.

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Today I look at the market action from London prior to the official open of the markets in the U.S. and how it looks like investors and market participants are finally waking up to the repercussions of what has been happening in China for over a month now and how important it could be for the world economy. I note as well that this week could be the tipping point in terms of the veil being lifted and complacency not only in the markets but in terms of the world economy being shattered as it pertains to the crisis in China and now elsewhere.

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This is our usual Sunday Livestream in which we conduct an informal Q & A on subjects ranging from economics to geopolitics. Today we will look at some of the economic reverberations of the ongoing crisis in the Far East and how that crisis is starting to affect even European countries as the Italian government has declared a state of emergency.

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Today I will be looking at some gold and silver charts and also at some of the silver mining stocks that I have owned or trade in the past. I will also look at the stock market and the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet and what those two might be telling us. I will also touch upon what I think are some sources of income, speculation and safety for one’s savings or wealth.

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In this report, I look at how the developments in Asia are pointing to a world economic slowdown as all the major fiat currencies the dollar included continue their meltdown against the ultimate historic yardstick of value which is gold. I also look at how the continuing drop in U.S. Treasury yields is pointing to more Central Banking monetary accommodation most probably a recession.

My conclusion for today is that, even though I have been right about the direction of our national fiat currencies, I take no pleasure in having been right as I know that a rising gold price is not a good sign as it pertains to the immediate general welfare of the public.

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In this report, I go over the fundamental and technical reasons for why gold has outperformed the Dollar Index since the Dollar Index made an all-time low in March of 2008. I also look at the Running Flat Correction in gold and reference Ron Rosen’s work for that.

My conclusion is that no matter in what country you live you should hold on to your precious metals for dear life if you are fortunate enough to own some.