Has the Fed Engineered a Protracted Blow-Off Top?

Today we will look at some very long-term charts to see whether the U.S. central bank or the Fed has engineered a blow-off top or crack-up boom in all financial assets. Our view of the situation is that the Fed’s monetary policy could eventually result in the dollar’s purchasing power continuing to diminish and especially versus real assets or commodities.
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Those of you who have been following this channel should not be surprised by the cost of living crises or the debasement of currencies all around the world. We have been warning the more government tries to help through borrowing and spending the worse things get. So it is not surprising that after huge monetary and fiscal stimulus since March of 2020 we are seeing prices go through the roof. Unfortunately, politicians and our present-day Keynesian economist will be clamoring for the government to help “solve the cost of living crisis.”

It is not hard to deduct that that more government does to “help” the worse things will get for the general public in the medium to longer term.

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Today we will look at the events of the last week or so in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. What we have heard is that protests have broken out because of higher energy prices. We will delve deep into Kazakhstan and what is going on there could mean. There has been a great deal of speculation about the uprising there but I’d say there are more questions than answers as far as Kazakhstan is concerned.

We will also be conducting our usual Sunday Q & A.